About us

Established in 1989, we are a professional boutique advertising and marketing agency, tailoring our services to provide personal, high-quality solutions to each client.


  • Vision

To create a place where unlimited creative resources can be cross-pollinated in order to broaden our clients’ perceptions as to what they have to offer in productive, sustainable and cost-effective ways.

  • Mission

To provide personal, professional, through-the-line creative solutions of the highest quality with a key focus on strategy, originality and practicality to meet clients’ diverse needs. These needs will be met through best service and state-of-the-art equipment and methods, directly related to cost-effective results. This approach ensures our unique positioning in the market thus enhancing the welfare of our employees and the agency’s future growth.

  • Philosophy and culture

As a team we are dedicated, passionate and proactive. We constantly review and assess the performance of our clients’ brands to ensure we achieve results. We also analyse ourselves to make sure our business sense is honed, our creativity is sharp and our abilities are always challenged.


Our exceptional mix of talent, skills and experience provides an unusually wide range of professional services. We will handle part of the job or all of it – from concept, strategy and budgets to the finished end product.

Since 1989 we have gathered invaluable experience in a range of business sectors for very diverse clients:

B2B media | banking | education | engineering | entertainment | financial | gardening | health | government departments | industrial | international | legal | parastatals | project management | property | retail | technological | tourism | wholesale | and more


  • Equal opportunities

Although Catgraphics is an SMMe, we create an environment of sustainable diversity and offer opportunities for advancement. We recognise that employees of all racial groups have a right to equal opportunity, and our Policy applies whenever we are recruiting, promoting, assessing performance, disciplining, or offering training or other opportunities for advancement.

  • Employment equity

We believe that empowerment should not only take place at a shareholder level. One of the company’s transformation objectives is to ensure diverse representation at all levels of the business and as an organisation we ensure we comply with the Employment Equity Act at all times, although Catgraphics is exempt according to the definition of the Act.

  • Human Resources

Catgraphics believes that providing training and furthering the education of its employees is one of the most powerful mechanisms to assist in the transformation process. Catgraphics wants to build and retain a team of highly skilled black staff. The company embarks on identifying individual training needs for each staff member by means of its performance appraisal and management system.

  • Preferential Procurement

Catgraphics believes that transformation is a supply chain issue, and that the entire supply chain needs to have a common understanding and buy-in of the transformation imperative. The company has developed a robust preferential procurement process that influences both the purchasing behaviour of the company, as well as the understanding of our suppliers from a transformation perspective.

  • Enterprise Development

As part of our transformation initiative we assist in establishing new businesses within our industry and ensure that they establish a stable base in the South African marketplace, although we find it difficult to invest into other businesses as described in the Code of Good practice 1000 for small businesses.

  • Corporate Social Investment

The company believes that meaningful social investment is more than writing a cheque. We believe that it is about exposing our employees to the emergent reality, which is the future of South Africa, and investing time, materials and money in a way, which becomes empowering and sustainable. Catgraphics has identified education as a means to empower the future generation to help create positive social and economic changes in a disadvantaged community in Soweto.