Online solutions


The Internet impacts all areas of private, business and public administration. It affects the way companies think and how they interact with their suppliers, employees and customers. Catgraphics has experience in the integration, application and facilitation of web integration services. We can offer robust, flexible and secure networks that will meet the clients' local and international messaging requirements - from workflow and the development of Intranet, Extranet and Internet portals, through to knowledge management and storage solutions.

Your web site is possibly your most important business partner.

We aim to produce strategically designed Web sites, which will give our clients an edge over their competition. Web sites are judged by their appearance, effectiveness, user friendliness, speed and functionality. Each site is tailor made to fit the clients' budget and requirements. Let us answer your questions and show you how to take advantage of this rapidly growing product.

A detailed listing of our web services is as follows:

  • Web site design
  • Web site & E-mail Hosting
  • Domain name registration
  • Programming
  • Web site statistics
  • Maintenance facilities
  • Search Engine registration
  • Value Added Services


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