A good final product absolutely depends on testing. Testing is important for three critical reasons:

First, testing allows you to see what your visitors will see. Check your site in as many different browsers as you can. Some load more slowly, some does not support the newer technologies, and some don't do a perfect job of displaying your carefully chosen graphics and scripts. When you know how the pages behave in different circumstances, you can make adjustments. Some sites will even suggest that visitors use a particular browser and version for best viewing, but it is best to try and accommodate for multiple browsers.

Second, testing determines if all of the links work. There is nothing worse than clicking on several links only to find dead ends. This gives the impression that your site is outdated or sloppy. Also, making sure that your visitors can get from any page of your site to any other page of your site without having to use the 'back' button on their browser.

Finally, testing allows you to determine 'load speed.' If visitors have to sit waiting for your graphics to load, they're more likely to surf to another site. Aim for a 10-second or less load speed. People won't hang around much longer than that.

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