Once the purpose of your site is determined, it's time to start thinking about the 'look and feel' you want to achieve. Everything on the site that your visitors can see is included when we refer to 'look and feel'; we can also call this your style. Your style will unite the purpose and the content of your site by using a well planned and designed cascading style sheet that will include the branding and navigation system for the site. By concentrating your style definitions in a separate document, it will be much easier to make changes that affect your entire site (you won't need to manually change each individual page). This will also include the colors you use, the formatting you choose, as well as typefaces, fonts, and placement of text and pictures on the pages. Having a consistent look and feel for all your pages is fundamental as your visitors move from page to page within your site. Use a color scheme and layout that are clearly recognized across your site, and that resembles what is used in your offline communications.

The page is optimised to be viewed best with an 800x600 resolution (the most popular resolution today). Avoid horizontal scrolling at all cost. Use high contrast for the body of your page; black text on white background, or white text on black background work best. Don't use too many different fonts. Avoid long blocks of text. Use tools that facilitate scan-ability, like bullets, subtitles, highlighted keyboards, hyperlinks, etc. Internet users seldom read all the information in front of them; they scan until they find what they are looking for.

Simplicity, organisation, and visual appeal are key in determining the style. We place a huge emphasis on making your site easy to view and navigate. We spend some time selecting colors for your style. Some colors are quite businesslike and formal, while others are more playful or fanciful. The navigation scheme is an essential part of your look, and ties each page of the site together. You can have a terrific looking site, but if people can't get from one page to the next, or figure out where they are or how to get back to where they were, you'll lose them.

The look, feel, and navigability of your site can be determining factors in whether visitors return to visit again. We make sure the style and look you've chosen suit the purpose of your site.

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