Search engine friendly

Search engines need copy to know what your web site's theme is and how your site should be indexed in their directory; never use an image as the main content of your page. Doing so will reduce your chances of high search engine positioning. If your home page consists solely of a Flash movie or an image map, there will be nothing for the search engines to index. Flash is cool, but it is not so cool when your web site doesn't come up in search engine results.

SEO involves making changes to the HTML code, content and structure behind your web site (tags, meta tags and keywords), making it more accessible for Search Engines, and by extension, easier to find by users. SEO is an extremely cost effective way of generating new business to your site. SEO is a continuous process though: both to maintain rankings and improve rankings for other terms that may bring in relevant traffic.

Although there are automated services that promise to get you listed on thousands of search engines, it is recommended that you manually submit your site to the top search engines. Some of the search engines view automated submissions as spam and will not list your site. Others put a higher priority on manual submissions.

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