Our fundamentals

If you look at any web site and it has been planned really well, you should hardly be aware of the design at all. As with any quality structure, good planning and good materials are crucial to a superior result. We aim to produce strategically designed web sites, which will give our clients an edge over their competition. Web sites are judged by their appearance, effectiveness, user friendliness, speed and functionality. Each site is tailor made to fit the clients' budget and requirements. We also develop our clients' web sites to include the highest possible web standards. This means that your web site will be of the highest quality in terms of viewing and browsing.

Simplicity is probably the most important underlying factor when it comes to the performance of any web page, whether it is your homepage, a category specific content page or an interactive contact form.

We always consider the following:

  • Purpose - Identifying the purpose of your web site is an essential first step.
  • Style - Once the purpose of your site is determined, it's time to start thinking about the 'look and feel' you want to achieve.
  • Content - Keep your message simple.
  • Graphics - While content is the most important aspect that determines the success of a web site; it doesn't mean it's everything. One or two graphics can help support your message.
  • Testing - A good final product absolutely depends on testing.


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