Our content management systems

Our Content Management Systems (CMS) are powerful Internet systems that enable you to manage and update your web site without having to know any html or other web programming languages. You also don't need any offline software or ftp clients. All the transferring of content, images, pdf's etc. is done online and in real time through the user authenticated backend administrators interface. You simply logon using your username and password and start updating content, adding images, archiving etc.

Content Management Systems vary in complexity ranging from very basic WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) rich text editors to very advanced database driven applications where you can even assign access rights to your users. As websites become a critical component of most businesses, the C M S becomes an essential tool in making the website work efficiently, intelligently and cost effectively.

Traditionally the website was the bastion of the techie; marketers observed the proceedings from the safe confines of the marketing department. The ease of use that a CMS affords gives content ownership back to business experts and frees up the technical team to focus on specialist IT activities.

A good CMS will provide efficiency and predictability to web publishing. This will allow you to calculate how much time you are saving specifically for the pure number of hours you are reducing by publishing content quicker and more efficiently. The cost saving calculation is even easier when you work out the hourly cost of a skilled technical person uploading HTML code to provide website content versus a young marketing assistant loading content.

One of the other key components is the ability to manage versions of content. The payback of a CMS would be evident when measuring the saving afforded from simple archiving and accessing archived or older versions of content. This would also include the ability to measure the reduction of costs achieved by activities such as speedy approvals, efficient and effective workflows and accountability checks.

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