If your domain is your companies name on the Internet then hosting can be linked to the physical location of your offices. Once you have registered a domain name for your business it is necessary to have a home for your web site. The actual files that make up a web site are stored on a specialized computer called a web server where they are available 24 hours a day to Internet users all over the world.


There is a cost associated with this service which varies considerably according to the space required as well as the number of visitors passing through your site, special requirements such as a database, secure facilities for processing sensitive information (credit cards for example), etc.


We are able to host domains (Internet addresses, i.e. on our high quality web servers. Alternatively, a client may opt to have us set up a server dedicated to their site only. This may be located at the clients' premises or we will locate it at ours. It is preferred to host the server directly at our service provider, thus ensuring the fastest possible access to the Internet site.

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